[Below are the courses run in 2019.]

Paddle Awards for Beginners:  Start, Discover and Explore 

 These new awards were introduced by British Canoeing in 2019. They replace the old Star awards and are designed for beginners to the sport. These new awards are paddler focused and should inspire participants into a lifelong journey of paddlesport!

Start is for those getting into a boat for the first time. Generally the skills and theory are covered in our Starter Sessions. Here are the details of the Paddle Start award.

Discover takes participants on further, empowering them to develop confidence in their chosen craft in a sheltered water environment.

It's easy to sign up at the club for Paddle Discover Award. We coach it within our club sessions and anyone can take part. When you sign up (£10), we will give you a card with the elements to learn and practise. The coaches will sign off sections as you complete them.  So you are in control of when you start, which sections you want to complete and how quickly you do it: it is flexible and easy.  (There will be an additional charge for the British Canoeing certificate, if you want it.) Here are the details of the Paddle Discover award.

For the Paddle Explore Award details look here.

New Personal Performance Awards 

These new awards are designed to take you beyond the Paddle Discover and Explore. There are 12 disciplines, each with three levels, so a great deal of choice and flexibility. There are no age restrictions for starting. In addition people can choose whatever level they wish to start. The awards are paddler focused and allow participants to progress at their own rates.

More information soon.

Paddlesport Activity Assistant 

This new award has been developed for up and coming assistants in the club. The way it works is by logging the sections when you demonstrate the ability to achieve/complete them. These are the elements which are covered: meeting participants' needs; planning a safe environment for the session; preparing facilities and equipment; delivering and supervising the planned activities; evaluating the session; developing your own practice; and safety management and rescue skills. 

For log book look here.

Foundation Safety and Rescue Training

A course over two Saturdays.  It builds on rescue skills covered in the Star awards and develops a safe and practical approach to dealing with flat water incidents and rescues. One session will be at Langham Farm using kayaks and the other will be at Market Yard using canoes.

The syllabus can be found through the British Canoeing website as follows: Safety and Rescue

FSRT Date: next course is in 2020 - dates not fixed yet.

Costs: £35 for club members, £55 non members (certificate costs are extra: £5 for BC members, £10 for non-BC members).

Aquatic First Aid 

8-hour course (L1) : next course is in 2020 - dates are not yet set.
2-day course (L2) : next course is in 2020- dates are not yet set. 

An 8 hour qualification (L1) covers incident management, resuscitation, hypothermia and many other aspects of first aid applicable to canoeing.
The 2-day course (L2) builds on the one-day course and provides candidates with a level of knowledge and skill to give first aid in a range of emergency situations in an outdoor environment where advanced medical assistance may be delayed. Day 2 includes some water-based practical sessions.

The syllabuses can be found through the British Canoeing website as follows: Aquatic First Aid Level 1 and Level 2.

L1 - £35 members, £55 non members
L2 - £60 members, £80 non members
(Certificate costs are extra)

White Water Safety and Rescue

Date: Let us know if you are interested in this qualification.

This course is run at the Tryweryn. It is designed for everyone who paddles grade 2 or higher, either kayak or canoe, and it allows you to develop critical skills to keep yourself safe on white water and look after the people you paddle with. It is a very 'wet' course and so dry suits are an asset. If you don't have one you can hire one from the Centre.

Cost guide: £80 (plus £24 water fees to be paid to CT on the day, plus transport and overnight costs).

Transport, accommodation and food need to be arranged by participants for themselves. There are plenty of bunkhouses near Bala, or you can camp.

Moderate Water River Leaders

Date: Let us know if you are interested in this qualification.

We can arrange a weekend for the Moderate Water Training, with the assessment taking place at a later date.  The qualification allows you to lead small groups of competent paddlers on moderate whitewater - up to grade 2 or 3. 

In between training and assessment, there is time for practice.  When you are ready for assessment, there are some other things which you need to get in place:
  • Provide evidence of 12 river trips, including six grade 3 trips as a member and six as an assistant leader
  • Hold a current First Aid qualification (8 hours)
  • Have completed the White Water Safety and Rescue course
  • Register with British Canoeing (LR Form)
  • Be aged over 18
The syllabus can be found through the British Canoeing website as follows: White Water Kayak Leader (Moderate Water)

Costs for the Training weekend: £50 course fee (for club members) plus any water fees on the day. Non members are welcome to join - please ask about the price.

Transport and accommodation need to be arranged by the participants for themselves.